Adbeat is spread out over 11 different cities and 5 different countries.

Our mission is simple: help you become a better display advertiser

Our Story

Mike Colella founded Adbeat in 2010 after dabbling in display advertising for a few years while still working full-time as an engineer for Intel. Through many failures, a few successes, and lots of testing, Mike discovered that the key to running a profitable display campaign was competitive intelligence. Mike took this insight and developed an effective competitive intelligence strategy that led to his business grossing over $2.2 million in revenue in 2008.

The only problem with Mike's strategy was that it was time consuming.

And while there were a few competitive intelligence tools for search advertising, there were none for display. This meant that Mike spent hours each week doing research manually.

Long story short, Mike began working with a team of MIT data scientists to create a competitive intelligence platform that would do exactly what he needed.

A few months later... Adbeat was born.

With Adbeat you can instantly uncover any advertiser's best ad creatives, landing pages, publishers, and overall media strategy.

Over the years we've grown to become the preferred competitive intelligence tool for the world's biggest brands, agencies, and publishers, including AOL, Microsoft, ValueClick, and Experian.

No other platform gives you actionable insights like Adbeat, because no other platform has Adbeat's technology.

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