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July 3, 2013: Mobile Intelligence Released

Adbeat now offers Mobile Competitive Intelligence for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Android Tablet.

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Please reach out to to receive a demo of our mobile offerings.

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If you're not using content network advertising you are missing out on the HUGE profits that top PPC marketers enjoy every day.

Adbeat web tools are designed to help you dominate content network advertising channels. Access ad intelligence data that will make even your most savvy content network competitors green with envy.

Features Include

  • Network > Top Advertisers

    View trend lines and publisher counts for the top advertisers on each Ad Network. (Google Display Network, MSN Content Network, Doubleclick, Adsonar, Pulse360 and 20+ more networks)

  • Network > Top Ads

    Browse the ads with the highest impression share on each network. Find the best ad copy in any market - these ads deliver the most traffic.

  • Keyword Search within Network

    Search for keywords in ad copy to find the most relevant competing ads in your market. Identify competitors you didn't know about and find the best ad copy for your market.

  • Advertiser > Dashboard

    See at a glance, advertiser trend lines, ad network activity, ad type breakdown, and the list of top publishers.

  • Advertiser > Top Ads

    Learn which ads have been running the longest and which ads drive the most traffic.

  • Browse by Ad Type

    See all image, text, flash, and text-image creatives for an advertiser.

  • Watch Competitors Split Test Ads

    Let your competitors spend money to find winning ads for you. Watch as split tests are run - see the winners and the losers.

  • Advertiser > Top Publishers

    Learn which publishers your competitors buy traffic from.

  • Publisher > Top Advertisers

    Learn what advertisers are found on each publisher.

  • Publisher > Top Ads

    Browse the top ads on each publisher.

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Take contextual advertising to the next level. Choose from 3 cutting-edge Adbeat packages and start now.

What People Are Saying


We pay for AdBeat. We use AdBeat. We make more money because we know the competitive intelligence the tool tells us. For our business, and for our clients’ businesses. Signing up is a no-brainer. Do I need to say more?

Rob Sieracki, Co-Founder, Ox Optimal


AdBeat has become one of the must-have tools in the Clicksco toolbox. We've been using keyword tools for years but AdBeat really is different. Being able to zero-in on advertisers and publishers on the display network just wasn't possible before. We love it.

Marcus Cent, Group CEO


I signed up for adbeat the other day... It is incredibly well done and dollar for dollar I can't think of anything that has returned that much value so quickly.

Andrew Johnson, Founder

Drew Kossoff

Mike Colella is one of the smartest internet advertising minds on the planet. I've had the good fortune to experiment with his software tools over the past year and have earned well over six figures for myself and my clients thanks to his phenomenal research and techniques. The AdBeat Platform is an "absolute must" If you want an instant competitive advantage in your online advertising campaigns.

Drew Kossoff,